About F & H Manufacturing

Our history

F&H Manufacturing was founded in October 1987, with the purchase of two automatic screw machines. Five years later, the company had expanded to include 15 automatics, and a secondary department to finish parts in-house.

Today, F&H Manufacturing has 19 automatic screw machines, 15 Mazak CNC lathes, 2 Citizen Swiss Lathes, 1 Miyano Swiss Lathe, 15 CNC Vertical Machining Centers, and a secondary department that has the capability of reaming, cross-holing and thread rolling.

Doing business with F&H

F&H combines decades of experience in the screw machine industry with limitless attention to detail and a heavily experienced staff. We have many long-time customers because our prices are competitive and we offer great quality, quick turn-around times and prompt delivery. Our consistent quality has led to many longtime relationships in a variety of industries.

F&H Manufacturing offers our clients world-class quality screw machine products as well as CNC Machining. Customers are loyal to us, and new customers seek us out, due to our competitive prices, unwavering quality, and quick turn-around times.

At F&H Manufacturing, we make precision machining our priority. We participate in continual measuring to verify correct manufacturing, so we build quality right into each part.

Our skilled team members can accommodate high-volume projects, yet their flexibility allows them to excel in short-run, fast-turnover orders. Whatever your needs, we will provide you with custom solutions to meet your specifications.

F&H Manufacturing is proudly family owned and operated. At F&H, our quality comes “First Hand.”

ISO Quality Policy Statement